About Acquisitions

If you already have an Office 365 for business and want to purchase another subscription for your organization, this is the best option for the Administration Center. If you’ve selected the first Office 365 for Business for your organization, go here.

If you want to purchase another subscription through the Administration Center, the new subscription for the organization (domain namespace) will be assigned as a parent subscription. This makes it easy to move users in your organization between subscriptions or give them a user license for the additional subscription terms.

As easy and understandable as our wiki software are our price and license models. With the classic license purchase you carry no running costs. Maintenance of the software for the current major release is included in the price.

Of course, you can also make offers to customers directly.

A new window opens in which you first click on the article group, then the subgroup and finally select the desired articles in the left check boxes by clicking. Then click Save. The window will remain open for as long as you can and insert more articles from other article groups until you close the window again. In the background, the selected articles are automatically inserted into the open offer and the view is updated independently.

The cash on hand of the previous month is automatically taken over. At the end of the list, the cash receipts and receipts are added up and the current cash balance is displayed as a balance carry forward.

We know that no two companies are alike, and that industry-specific requirements can be very different. Our global Microsoft partner network has built beyond our business applications a wide range of specific solutions that meet the needs of companies in different industries. These partners will assist you with local resources and industry-specific knowledge. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Web services and the Microsoft .NET framework can also integrate a variety of data sources and applications, even if they are based on platforms other than Microsoft.

Plus, you can count on the rigorous design and investment in R & D that has made Microsoft a global technology leader to continue to be behind your business platform, ultimately contributing to your long-term success.