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Purchase of controlling stake

With reliable vdr you can save, edit, and share files online when selling / buying controlling stocks.

Buying and selling corporate rights is accompanied by the hard work of managers and intermediaries who prepare a complete set of documents for this procedure. That is why the crucial factor in competing for the confidence of the parties is the safe keeping of subordinated converted bonds and the ability of the buyer and seller to monitor the financial condition of the assets. Virtual data room developers have made this possible with the help of VDR software. That’s why.

Find reliable storage for receiving and transmitting information

This is the most important step in which the process of absorption of the controlling stake should begin. Since this involves transferring related financial, legal and accounting records from one company to another, this means that situations like “lost a flash drive”, “no access to files”, or worse, “where did they disappear?” be excluded from the list of possible. For this reason, the use of virtual room services is a fundamental element of entrepreneurial activity in this direction.

Find a way to securely sign agreements online

Undoubtedly, the purchase or sale of shares is an important step for companies, but it is not always possible to be personally present at the signing of all contracts. You can use a virtual contract room where the parties can make appropriate decisions based on the required documents. In this case, the online data room will take away the need to plan a business trip when it’s not really up to them.


Be able to wear edits and additions easily and transparently


Document editing is sometimes really necessary, but in no case should it be a one-sided process. With this in mind, vdr providers have created a document tracking feature for all members of the online data room. This reduces the risk of contracting solely for their own benefit and enhances the level of partnership trust between the parties.


Restrict access to files


Notwithstanding the amendment to the Share Purchase and Sale Law of 2017, not all documents must be published before the end of the agreement. Therefore, only a limited number of trusted parties will have authorized access to a secure virtual data room. Moreover, as files are tracked, it will be possible to see who downloaded, deleted, or edited the documents and whether it was done with the prior consent of the parties.

A virtual data room is an indispensable way to store data confidentially, securely, and without the risk of data loss. And isn’t that the main thing when it comes to changing the owner of a controlling stake in a company that continues to exist under new leadership?

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